What we do

Let’s start with what makes us special. We’re a native omnichannel marketing and communication company – providing strong, efficient and sustainable solutions across all relevant channels, media and devices. Today GROW helps increasing our customers brand and product visiblity in 29 countries all over the world.

Brand & Product Solutions

Positioning and activating brands and products within a customer-centric conversation.

Sales Solutions

Preparing and qualifying customers by creating new touch points and implementing new sales support tools.


Increasing campaign reach, efficiency and awareness with strong omichannel strategies.

Social Media

Managing brands and products, creating visibility and activation in this hurly-burly environment of influencers and spontaneous expressions.

Apps & Gamification

Creating new digital contact points, helping optimize communication processes, making information more accessible and more inspiring.


Breaking new ground, to help you reaching your goals more efficiently and sustainably.

Education & Knowledge Mgmt.

Managing know-how, strengthening product knowledge and synchronizing sales processes with next-level information & eductation technologies.

Motivation & Incentives

Turning competition into contests and sales success into a personal benefit.

Multimedia Experiences

Transcending POS, shows and exhibitions within a digital environment, maximizing visibility through digital multipliers.

Our work

At GROW, we're passionate about uncompromised design and execution. But our true love belongs to the magic of a perfect solution. It's all about helping you achieving your goal. Fast, with unbeatable performance, greatest sustainability and highest efficiency.

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Benefit from new digital contact points, making communication more accessible and more inspiring.


We’re passionate about innovative companies and products. And we’re crazy about new technologies. That’s why we know how to make a long story short when it comes to explaining technologically complex products and services. At GROW, customers benefit from our comprehensive communication expertise for the automotive industry, OEM suppliers and technology leaders in the mobility sector. Contributing a deep understanding of every aspect of their complex distribution chain. Premium audio solutions, multimedia-infotainment, navigation, connected services, advanced driver assistance systems and new sensor technologies – they are all components of our DNA.


Providing strong, efficient and specified solutions across all relevant channels, media and devices.

Automotive Expertise

Contributing a deep understanding of every single aspect of the complex OEM distribution chain.

Global Synergies

Thinking and acting globally, increasing efficiency and impact.

Premium Audio Expertise

Sound architechture and wide open stages? We know how to send a lossless sound signal through any desired marketing channel.

Strategic Partnerships

Identifying joint marketing occasions for strong strategic partnerships.

Deep Tec Expertise

AI, IoT, autonomous driving, ADAS, sensor technologies, connected services? We’re passionate about communicating complex stories clearly and comprehensively.

Connect with your audience in ways your competitors would never imagine.

Our partners

GROW enjoys inspirational and sustainable business relationships with great, innovative companies all over the world. Our customers define the world of tomorrow. We help to define a new age in communication. Together we are breaking new paths every day.


Olaf Peisen was born in Aachen, Germany. After graduating in marketing/visual communications, he spent more than a decade at top global network agencies like WPP and Publicis, winning several awards. But the idea of a more efficient, immediate and at the same time more comprehensive type of advertising communication was developing. And GROW was born. Olaf has been creative managing director and owner of GROW since 2002.

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